Understanding and being understood

It is never easy to find the right words. How can your wishes, suggestions, concerns, orders ... - how can exactly your or your company's  specialty ... - be phrased to make your (or your company's)  specialty stand out.  I try to find precise and exact expressions to get them directly to your audience not only plausibly and understandably but in a way that he/she is definetely convinced by your choice of words and fascinated by them? Especially today, it is important to quickly communicate with authorities, partners, prospects and customers in different languages. Especially when we have to communicate in a foreign language, choosing the right words often appears to be a confusing challenge. ...

Mostly, we need to act quickly, and we cannot find enough time to understand texts or express these intelligibly to others. Present Yourself gladly accepts translations of any kind from English into German as well as book excerpts, articles, degrees, lists and documents in both directions (English-German and German-English) - fast and uncomplicated.. We are NOT Google Translate, we are NOT LEO and we certainly do NOT RELY on translation engines - not even for similar or repeating documents.


Each translation is personally implemented; any text, no matter of its content, no matter to what extent, needs to be understood first, then it will be brought into an overall context and after that it will be edited. Only when I know that the target group will exactly comprehend what you would like to tell them, I call this a "successful translation". The choice of words is personally created according to the document, the customer, its orientation and the feelings on the other side to be generated. Of course, we will proof read your documents too.


Translation companies can be very expensive and cumbersome, and often their products are returned computer-generated. This is not our way of working. We still translate in word and reason - because both sender and receiver - they are and they remain people! The expression in different languages is fun - and that makes the striking difference.

Our Translations

We are certified to officially and legally translate. Anyways, there is a difference between being a native speaker and a language that you "just" live and dream in. That's why we offer a bigger variety of translations from English into German and a specific pool of documents that we also translate from German into English. Proof reading is only provided for English-German documents.



Translation of presentations (English into German  - German into English)

Translation of websites (English into German- German into English)

Translation of advertising (English - German into English)

Translation of offers and quotes (English into German - German into English)

Translation of invoices (English into German - German into English)

Translation of tables/graphics/Excel/Power Points (English into German - German into English)

Translation of personal papers (English into German - German into English)


Translation of guidelines/manuals/handbooks (English into German)

Translation of research papers (English into German)

Translation of books and articles (English into German, handwritten and Suetterlin possible)

Translation of transcripts (English into German)

Translation of official documents (English into German)

Translation of arts, drama and music (English into German)

Translation of technical advice, repair, inventory (English into German)


Proof reading (English into German)

Add layout, design or programming to get your translation ready to use


What we DO NOT translate:


Any racist, sexual or abusive texts (except of research papers or historic documentations)

Texts that appeal for violence (also includes songs, drama, arts)

Terms/Conditions, Privacy, AGBs


Sonja Bruns

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