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The Striking Difference

Presentation work must be fun, just so it will stay in your memory - regardless of whether you want to present yourself on site or online, whether you will perform in multiple languages ​​or whether you intend to visually distinguish yourself from others. You and your company want to be effective and to leave a long-lasting positive, but above all - a professional - impression. That's why your appearance needs to be aligned to each target group and should be fun for both the presenter AND the customer.

My goal is to not only realize your presentation, but also to design it according to your ideas and wishes. Each of your orders is personal, and as such I would like to help shape yours. The most important thing is to satisfy my clients. Although "bulk goods" and "copy-paste" standard production techniques can lead to your goal, this does not showcase your presentation as unique. I realize one-of-a-kind dreams, with attention to detail and with love tailored to your or your company's needs. I love my orders - and that makes the striking difference.

As an experienced sociologist/education specialist and web designer as well as a freelance journalist and translator, I have experience in all areas of lectures, campaigns, from individual to multilingual performances, presentations, online and on site,  for almost 20 years.

International Background

Accepting orders from France, Norway, Germany, Austria and the United States has allowed me to experience different approaches and priorities. From one-person companies over SMEs, to government procurement, and international organizations, I have built up a customer base in recent years, that is striking in its variety and diversity. I am proud of the work I have done. The work in these various fields is fun - and that makes the striking difference!

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Sonja Bruns


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