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Kunden aus den USA und Europa haben uns dazu gebracht, Sie durch eine zweisprachige Seite zu führen. Finden auch Sie bei uns die passende Lösung für Ihre persönliche Präsentationsarbeit.



European and American customers /  clients made us create a bilingual website. Click yourself around and find the perfect solution for your unique personal presentational work.


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  • Bud Bennett

  • ~Bennettsan Consulting, LLC~

  • (Tuesday, 24. September 2019 14:46)


  • "I am pleased to confirm our extreme satisfaction with the professional competence and translation abilities of Sonja Bruns. In a variety of language subject matters, Mrs. Bruns has performed at a level that has consistently exceeded our expectations. She has demonstrated a particularly keen command of the technical component in the English language. She has been translating for our organization for over a year and a half as a significant asset and key member of our business services providing translation handling some of our major United States Government contracts.

    While she is vigorous and meticulous in insisting on exact meanings for words, in both languages, she also understands that words are, at best, symbols for expression. Thus,she is capable of more than literal transposing from English to German and vice versa.

    While her command of spoken English is more than adequate for any business/technical situation, Mrs. Bruns's strongest ability is certainly in written translation. Mrs. Bruns can ascertain the meanings in the truest sense as in in our historical texts and famous writings. She captures the quality of language in written form and not the spoken dialogue that is so frequently utilized in today’s environment. She will excel in literary, technical, business or diplomatic applications of translation between German and English. If you are looking for an intrinsically motivated translator for your documents, journals, manuals or correspondence, Mrs. Bruns is someone well worth full consideration."

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